kiss me hard before you go, summertime sandler


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me 90% of the time when people ask me what I think about their outfits

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this actually happened 


That time on Cutthroat Kitchen when one chef thought they were supposed to make “briskets and gravy” while all the others made biscuits and gravy.

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Cutthroat Kitchen Drinking Game


  1. Everytime Alton laughs evilly
  2. Everytime an auction goes over $10,000
  3. When an auction is food replacements (ex. Cheese replaced with Cheese Whiz, etc)
  4. When one person talks about letting the others battle it out through auction
  5. When a contestant says they are bidding just to drive up the price
  6. BONUS!! When a contestant complains about the judge not knowing what obstacles they went through
We are adding a drink everyone Guy Fieri comes out in a commercial
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